About Phyllis Hatcher


U.S. Congress Dist. 10

Phyllis shares our Founding Fathers’ belief that common sense ‘citizen politicians’ (not career-driven political elites) are the foundation of liberty. A native of Georgia, her commitment to people and community is rooted in her faith, values, and upbringing. In response to a challenging time of money-driven politics, hyper-partisanship, and out-of-touch career politicians, Phyllis Hatcher has a better vision for Congressional District 10 and the state of Georgia. It embraces a better quality of life for all our residents, regardless of background or financial circumstance and includes thriving business and employment opportunities. She believes that government must partner with its citizens to get those things properly done. Hatching Hope, Help, and the pursue of happiness.

Phyllis was born in Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, she learned traditional values from her parents. She grew in faith, compassion, and service in her local church while learning the great value of education in the local public schools. School also taught her the valuable lesson that learning the actual facts about a problem is always the first step toward finding a solution.
Growing up in a rapidly changing and ever more diverse city, Phyllis developed a deep appreciation and respect for people of all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

Family First
Phyllis believes that strong families make strong communities. She has been married to her husband, Caesar Hatcher, for over 25 years. She has two grown daughters, Angeline Hatcher and Kemmah Moore, along with two grandsons, Nicholas Moore and Jason Moore. Phyllis is especially passionate about the health, safety, security, and education of our community’s children. They are the key to the future for our community, state, and nation, so we must do whatever we can to foster and protect their growth.


Phyllis and her husband owned the first Chester’s Chicken in Atlanta, Georgia, where they employed a staff. More recently, she’ is the owner and founder of Everything Lemons. Everything Lemons, an original idea, is a boutique specialty store that sells EVERYTHING LEMONS. Phyllis understands the importance of leadership, determination, and hard work. She believes that the Federal minimum wage has not kept up with inflation and technological advances.

Call to Service
Inspired by her deep faith, Phyllis answered the call to join the ministry. She became a pastor in the United Methodist Church and has since served in non-denominational congregations as well. She has a Degree in Religious Studies from Beulah Heights University, and is she pursuing her Master Degree in Religious Studies from American Bible University. Phyllis founded Phyllis Hatcher Ministries, a coalition with benevolent care-agencies originally operating in Henry County that has since expanded. Some of the agencies involved are United Way, ACFB, We Care Ministries, and McDonough Housing Authority. This is but one of many projects that Phyllis has been a part of that reach out and help others (the poor, the homeless, veterans, single-parent families, victims of crime, the unemployed, and other everyday citizens) – including membership in the League of Women Voters, Diabetic Foundation, NAACP, the National Council of Negro Women, the Henry County Ministerial Alliance, as well as Vice President of The Boys and Girls Club in Rockdale County, President of the 4th. Congressional Federation of Democratic Women, and Past Worthy Matron of Peace Chapter 140 in Locust Grove.

Getting Things Done

Phyllis Hatcher has a reputation for simply getting things done. Her recent accomplishments include several years of the Summer Food Program, the Annual Back to School Supply Drive, the Annual Turkey Giveaway, and the Annual Toy Drive.


From assisting the homeless feeding the hungry, Phyllis Hatcher has built a life of service. She is now working to bring this servant leadership approach and “can do” attitude to the Georgia 10th Congressional District. Phyllis represents hope and positive change for ALL Georgians.

Phyllis Hatcher believes, "We are already blessed to live in a great state and nation, we must never be satisfied with the progress we have already achieved. We must push on to ever greater progress. This is our birthright as Americans.

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